Flowing inside the enigmas of art, liberation and knowledge, some stories eventually accept their inevitability. By locating the footpath of my ancestors, specifically of my grandparents and my great-uncle Jaime Lockward, an editor, journalist, writer and pioneer cultural and art critic in the Dominican Republic, you will find the axis of Art Labour Archives journey.

My grandfather, George Augustus Lockward Stamers, was a historian, university professor, philologist, writer, journalist, cooperativist and Gideon Society member . My grandmother, Celeste Pérez Soler, worked her entire life as  librarian of  Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. She was also a master theatrical seamstress. I grew up surrounded by books, paintings and artists, actors and actresses, theatre and music. The bar of the Teatro Nacional in Santo Domingo is named in honour of my grandfather´s brother, Juan Lockward, a singer, poet and composer still unmatched in Dominican popular music.This is why I had to leave. To “prove” that I was my own Lockward persona. After all these years all I can say is: I am here because of them, big time. Above all, they taught me that strict work ethics are more than a moral imperative; it is simply the only way to do any-thing. And also that culture without community is superfluous. With their example they instructed me on the value of self-organization as a key to enjoy our own position in society and that whatever we do, it must be fun: glamour and social engagement are mutually inclusive. With that motto I have built this work platform, which is also my life.

(L/R) Marianne de Tolentino, George Nader, Porfirio Herrera Franco
Alanna Lockward, Artist.
Opening of a group show of artists from the Arab Emirates
Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo 1988
©Art Labour Archives 2012
Alanna Lockward as Director of International Affairs translating at the vernissage of a group show of artists from the Arab Emirates
Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo 1988
©Art Labour Archives 2012
Centro de Arte Nouveau (Santo Domingo) was the private gallery that promoted emerging artists for more than a decade. It was directed by Porfirio Herrera (also director of the Museo de Arte Moderno). This is where I organized my first group show, in 1987, and ten years later, at the MAM, I curated my first museum show, Fábulas Abiertas, in 1997. The mural in the back is from Raúl Recio (1987)
©Art Labour Archives 2012
With my Grandfather at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan
He was attending a philology congress at UNAM
Mexico, 1985
Photo by Julio Rodríguez Ariano
©Art Labour Archives 2012


“La Familia Lockward”, by José Antonio Núñez Fernandez, one of the many articles written on the history of my family. This one starts with the musical legacy of my great grandfather, Louis Alexander Lockward Capré (Maestro Danda), who was a famous shoemaker and a socially engaged composer in Puerto Plata, our hometown. Listín Diario, 8.11.1998, p. 12-C
The legacy of my uncle Jaime Lockward is portrayed in this article by Reginaldo Atanay in relation to artist Jaime Colson. Museo Bellapart in Santo Domingo, is a private institution entirely dedicated to the extraordinary contribution of Colson to (Dominican) art history.
My great-uncle Jaime Lockward, cultural critic and journalist, dancing at a vernissage, something I have done consistently myself.
©Art Labour Archives 2012
(L/R) Jaime Lockward, Celeste Pérez Soler, George Augusts Lockward Stamers (Don Yoryi), and guests at a diplomatic reception. Santo Domingo, circa 1966.
©Art Labour Archives 2012
Celeste Pérez Soler, librarian of Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, my grandmother, giving a speech. Santo Domingo, circa 1955.
©Art Labour Archives 2012
(L/R) Second on the left is my grandfather, Don Yoryi. First on the right is my uncle Jaime Lockward and almost next to him my grandmother, doña Celeste Pérez Soler. Santo Domingo, circa 1945.
©Art Labour Archives, 2012
George Augustus Lockward Stamers, my grandfather, making some kind of promotion probably for a cooperative. He was very passionate about cooperativism
Santo Domingo, circa 1945
©Art Labour Archives, 2012
George Augustus Lockward Stamers receiving from Pablo Clase a brand new copy of one of his books. He is the award-winning author of the history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) and other protestant emancipated congregations in the Dominican Republic (“Historia del Protestantismo en Dominicana”)
©Art Labour Archives 2012
Celeste Pérez Soler, librarian of Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, fully engaged in distributing knowledge while looking absolutely glamorous
Santo Domingo, circa 1955
©Art Labour Archives 2012
Celeste Pérez Soler looking at her watch and surrounded by artists during an official parade. Santo Domingo, circa 1957
©Art Labour Archives, 2012

Poem dedicated to my great-uncle Jaime Lockward
Revista Vetas No. 23. Separata. Santo Domingo, October 1996

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