“Noticias de Clara”, a selection of my poetry. is my only publication on this genre. I am still moved by the generosity of its founder, Clodomiro Moquete. Vetas is the only literary and cultural journal in the Dominican Republic that has been published consistently for more than two decades.
Revista Vetas. Separata. No. 23, October 1996. Santo Domingo



Photo by Virginia Álvarez



This group exhibition was commissioned by the Dominican Embassy in Mexico City and marked my return to the country I have left a decade before and where I lived between 1978-1988
My dear friend, dancer and choreographer, Lola Lince, performed at the opening a piece dedicated to an author we both adore, Juan Rulfo
With: Eliú Almonte, Mónica Ferreras, Martín López, Ingrid Madera and Miguel Ramírez
Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, México, D.F., February 2000



This compilation of my work as critic, published in Spain, was only possible because Miguel de Mena, a Dominican writer and editor based in Berlin, insisted on it and helped me in the long process of organizing its content. For ever grateful, Miguelín… CENDEAC, Murcia, 2006



BE.BOP 2012- BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS is an international screening program and transdisciplinary roundtable centered on Black European citizenship in connection to recent moving image and performative practices. It took place at The Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, a translocal theatre space which serves as point of arrival for artists from (post) migrant communities and beyond, founded in 2008 by Shermin Langhoff with the support of Fatih Akin
A production of Art Labour Archives, Allianz Kulturstiftung and Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
Catalogue edited by Alanna Lockward and Walter Mignolo
Berlin, May 2012


Downloadable here:
Downloadable here:



Downloadable here:
Downloadable here:


Ninety nine entries describe very different tactics and strategies, written by practitioners from all over the world, mapping the broad field of engaged art and artistic activism in our times. Additional essays focus on the philosophy and modalities behind the many struggles to make this world a better place. Essays by Stephen Duncombe & Steve Lambert, Alanna Lockward, Florian Malzacher, Chantal Mouffe, Gerald Raunig and Jonas Staal. A Conversation with Etcetera, Nato Thompson and WHW.



“Written by Dominican dancer, journalist, curator, and author Alanna Lockward, with illustrations by Gabriela Vainsencher, an Israeli artist of Argentinean origin, Marassá y la Nada (Berlin, 2004) is an unusual gift of poetry and intellect. As it exudes love for the crux of lands and identities of Saint-Domingue/Santo Domingo, this text embraces poetry, wisdom, allegorical characters, and thought-provoking spaces – along with an incredible openness to nature, to one’s ancestors, to the invisible and imperceptible.” Sophie Maríñez.

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